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Reading the Internet

7 Questions to Ask While Reading the Internet

  1. Where did the information originally appear?
    • Answering this question will help you decide if it is credible. Follow the links to verify.
  2. Is there a date?
  3. What organization produced this?
    • The answer may determine if the information is biased. Google the source and read about them somewhere other than their own site. Pay attention to extensions in the URL such as .com .edu
  4. Who is the writer?
    • Again google their name. Why should you believe them?
  5. Where did the writer get their facts?
    • Believe it or not just because it is on the internet does not make it true.
  6. Did anyone else verify this?
    • If it has been published or reviewed by a major work, magazine, newspaper then it has at least passed one more level of review. 
  7. Is there content- related advertising on the site?
    1. If money is exchanging hands make sure it isn't affecting the information.

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